Colorado's Finest Kennels and Ranch Goldendoodles

  Male Deposits received

Allen H f1b 1/21 (Jun +)

Matt S f1b 3/22

Kadijah V f1b 3/24

Valerie B f1b 3/26

Emily C f1b 3/31

Shelly B f1 3/31

Darice S 3/31 7/21+

Brenda B f1b 4/8

We can take 2 f1b male  deposits.

Updated 4/15/21.

  Female Deposits received

Nancy K girl f1 7/6

Christine P f1 7/13

Kathy Q F1 9/9

Debra W f1 10/20

Veta S f1b 3/22 (July+)

Faye C f1b 3/24

Liz W f1b 3/29

Linda K f1b 4/9

David C f1b 4/14

Truitte T f1b 4/15

We are taking 1 female deposit for F1bs. 

Updated 4/14/21.

Beautiful litter of f1b standard born 2/15. Ready 4/12. 

1 males


Adult weight 45-65 lbs

Updated 4/20/21

Beautiful litter of f1b standard born 2/23. Ready 4/21. 

8 males 7 females


Adult weight 45-65 lbs

Updated 4/21/21

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Goldendoodle puppies are an amazing breed.  They are so smart and easy to train.  They make a great pet, therapy dog, service dog or a companion. They are one of America's favorite breeds. With their joyful personality they just seem to put a smile on everyone's face.  Colors vary with each and every litter. So if you're looking for a unique color it's just a matter of time before you find it.  Our goldendoodles puppies vary in type.  We offer f1 (1/2 poodle and 1/2 golden retriever), f1b (f1 goldendoodle bred back to a poodle), and f2 (f1 or f1b goldendoodle bred to another f1 or f1b goldendoodle).  We like to provide a great experience when coming out to our ranch at Colorados Finest and Kennel and Ranch. Bring your children and family members anytime after scheduling an appointment with us and we will make sure to pick the right Goldendoodle puppy for you.