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Colorado's Finest Kennels and Ranch Labradors Reviews

 With Happy Puppies, Come Happy Parents. Enjoy Our Customer Reviews From Several Sources Below.

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The morning of May 11, 2015, I lost my beloved black Lab, Independence. I was devasted. One of my clients and a dear friend, found Deb's site and there was a black Lab puppy on it, so we went to check out pups. There were no black male pups left, but Deb had several beautiful yellow males. I played with them for over an hour, and got it down to my 2 favorites. I came home with Inde's Reign. He was very light in color and just a cuddler. Within the first two days of him being with me, he was no longer crying at night. By the weekend, he was coming to his name. He is now 4 months old, 20" at the shoulder, and 43.1#! He has learned many basic commands (sit, down, come), plus he has conquered 3 of the doggy IQ games I got him, and he shakes, shakes left, high fives, and brings the ball back and puts it in my hand. I couldn't be happier. I have had so many positive comments about Reign, and he is welcome in most of the places that we go to. He's mellow, still fairly pale, and just the sweetest puppy. He's mine forever, and I tell people where he came from because I have a feeling all of Deb's pups are this spectacular.

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I have purchased two dogs from Mark and Debbie one is 10 years old now, the other is 11 years old they are beautiful even at this age . As long as I have had them  there shots have been up to date so I have not had any problems with them. I love them like family . Its so good to come home from a hard days work to play with them.  Thanks !!!

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I purchased two puppies from this breeder and both experiences were great. I love my two gold retrievers and would not have it any other way. Thank you!

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