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10 Things You Will Need When Buying A New Puppy

So, you have a new puppy or dog coming to you or just acquired one. This is a list of what Colorado dog breeders recommend are important for you and your new furry friend to have on hand. This will help to transition a new pet to its surroundings and make it safer for the new puppy and easier on you.

1) Puppy Collar - A lightweight adjustable nylon collar is what we recommend for puppies. They grow quickly and you'll want to use one that you can increase in size. During big growth spurts, you may need to adjust it as much as once a week. You will want to make sure the collar is snug enough so the puppy can't slip it but loose enough that it doesn't cause discomfort. A good fit is making sure you can easily slip 1-2 fingers underneath the collar.

2) Dog Leash - A 6-foot leash is recommended. The initial goal is to get puppies familiar with walking on a leash as soon as possible. It's best to avoid public places until your pup is fully vaccinated. These include walking trails, parks, and hiking trails. This is where possibly a sick dog could have walked through. It's great to introduce them to a myriad of different experiences like meeting new people, family outings, and adventures, once puppy vaccinations are complete. For your puppy's safety and to be a responsible pet owner, always obey the leash laws.

3) Food and water bowls - There are all sorts of bowls available for feeding and watering your canine companion! Most commonly they come in stainless steel, plastic, glass, and ceramic. In my opinion, I look for bowls that are dishwasher safe. It's super easy to pop them in and run a wash cycle that will clean and sanitize them. There are many choices of the style of a bowl for your dog. Some examples: Slow feeders for those dogs that eat very quickly, elevated dog bowls with a fixed and adjustable height, nonskid bowls, non-spill bowls, some with different types of stands, and others that are just so cute that they are irresistible. I think the right choice depends on the dog and its habits or the owner's personal preference.

4) Crate - Crates are a necessity for a new puppy. You will want to purchase a large enough crate for your pup to lay down comfortably but be able to stand up and turn around but not much larger. The reason for this is that pups usually will not soil their crate as long as it's not too big once they feel comfortable in their crate. If it is too big, the pup will learn to sleep on one side and poop and pee on the other. Also, the crate helps with potty training. The pup learns how to hold their elimination and it helps develop those muscles.

5) Toys - The choice of toys are really important. Great toys can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. We avoid the super "cheap" toys that don't hold up for more than a minute or two to a dog's chewing. In turn, these "cheap" dog toys present the problem as the squeaker embedded in the toy is easily removed. Usually, they are made of plastic and easily chewed out of their placement in the toy which can cause a choking hazard.

We like durable Kong Toys. There is a huge selection for every type of dog. A few of the choices are rubber chews that bounce and have a place to put peanut butter for mental stimulation, chew bones, fly toys, tug toys, tennis balls, flavored bones, interactive toys that dispense treats, and squeaky toys just to name a few.

6) Poop Bags - Nowadays it is extremely important to have poop bags with you. It is considered polite and in some cases, the law to pick up after your pup. The's all about cleaning up after your pet and their poop! No one wants that left for them to step in! Pick it up! If you own a dog then you should pick it up!!!

7) Grooming Supplies - Grooming Supplies are essential for having a dog. Even if you have a nonshedding dog that has hair will need to be continually groomed. Here are some excellent grooming habits.

Shedding dog - You will want at least a brush to comb out your dog from every day to at least once a week. Grooming is therapeutic but decreases the fur that is lost daily. Brushing a dog corrals the hair in a brush that you can dispose of in the trash versus losing the hair everywhere in your house.

In turn, a low-to-nonshedding dog should be brushed regularly as it offers therapeutic properties such as a massage or relaxation. It also keeps the dog hair neat and well-groomed, thus relieving the result of dreadlocks and tangled hair. Also, proper grooming will enhance the ability to maintain an amazing coat that is tangle free. Groomers will recommend every 6-8 weeks to follow up with maintenance grooming.

8) Gates - Baby gates are really important to aid in blocking off areas where you do not want a puppy to roam. This is also important for potty training and can aid in the inability to chew on anything you consider undesirable.

9) Bed - There is a huge selection of dog beds. Let's examine the type of puppies and their needs, to match the type of bed you might want to choose.

Colorado Lab Puppies, Colorado Golden Retriever puppies, and Colorado Goldador puppies - These breeds love a super comfortable bed after a day of activity. Size and luxury are important with these breeds. The best beds for an active breed are large to extra XL in size. You may have to measure the pup's length to get the right fit. Because of the larger size, durability is a plus. These breeds can unintentionally cause damage from their sheer size and weight dropping in their bed. All these breeds shed and are active and sometimes get dirty. You may want to factor in a washable bed. In the event, your dog is getting older and has arthritis or joint issues you may want to consider a memory foam or other orthopedic bed.

Colorado Goldendoodle puppies - This wonderful breed also needs a bed of appropriate size and of course, luxurious. A Goldendoodle tends to be a little more prissy than most breeds! They finesse their movements and are usually a little more delicate. The durability is still nice. This breed is considered low to nonshedding so their bed may not need to be washed as much. However, if they are active the need to consider a washable may be of importance. Goldendoodles have the same need if they are older and/or have medical issues, and may need specialized mattresses/beds that help with the support of joints and arthritis.

Colorado Bichon Frise puppies and Colorado Cavachon puppies - Both of these breeds are all about comfort. There are all sorts of comfortable materials that make up a bed that a Bichon Frise or Cavachon puppy would love. Styles and materials include shag faux fur (promoting extra softness), sofa-style beds (encourages many different positions to lie), orthopedic beds (for elderly or joint problematic dogs), donut-shaped bed (has a rim that allows dogs to rest their head), hypoallergenic bed (a plausible solution for allergies), and super plush beds (for those pets needing extra comfort). These are just to name a few.

Colorado Cavalier puppies - This breed much enjoys the extra spoiling that a Bichon Frise or Cavachon puppy does. The beds previously discussed would work well for them. The only additional item is to make sure the bed covers are washable and dryable. Cavaliers shed and it's always a nice feeling and cleaner when you can reduce some of the dog hair.

10) Identification Tag - You will also want to get an identification tag. These can be purchased at most pet stores, veterinarian clinics, and online stores like amazon and chewy. These attach to the collar. The id tag should include your pup's name, your name, address, and contact number. Some people also add their veterinarian's name and phone number. An ID tag will make it easier to find them if your pup gets lost.

Now it's time to go shopping! Enjoy and have lots of fun with your new companion.


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