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Goldendoodle Puppies Ready To go Home NOW at Colorado's Finest Kennels and Ranch

Have you been thinking about adding a Goldendoodle Puppy to your family?

Come check out our super cute Goldendoodles puppies. Both F1 Standards and F1b Standards are available.

We have been breeding for 30+ years. Raising goldendoodles has been a large part of this journey. We absolutely love the breed!!!

Goldendoodles make amazing companions and excellent family pets especially those with children. They are super friendly, extremely sweet and love people! Their disposition if very kind with a gentle in nature temperament. Because of their extreme intelligence and ease of trainability, goldendoodles make great service companions for those with disabilities, guide dogs and educational therapy dogs. They can be trained for almost any job.

One of the most desirable traits about a goldendoodle is their coats are considered low to non shedding depending on what type of generation you pick out. They are also considered low to hypoallergenic which makes them a great choice for in the house for people with allergies.

The day your puppy is ready to go home, they will have received a Parvo shot at 6 weeks, first puppy shot at 8 weeks, wormed several times, 2 doses of Marquis and vet checked head to tail (specifically hearts, ears, eyes, lungs and overall condition), by one of our vets.

We are located about an hour southeast of downtown Denver, Colorado. We take appointments for pups that are ready to go home and we also accept deposits for puppies that are born but not ready to quite go home. There is a deposit form on our website that you can print and with directions if the second option is more the timeframe you were wanting to adopt a puppy. Give us a buzz and we will help you find that perfect Goldendoodle Puppy!

Check out the some of the pups we have available. Or go to the available puppies tab on our website and see pictures of them all.


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