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Puppy proof your home!!! Part II

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Today we are going to continue discussing suggestions for how to puppy proof your home. This is a big decision and you've taken the big leap and are going to get or have a new what? Your new furry friend is going to spend the majority of his or her life in your home. It is essential that you puppy proof your home to provide a safe and comfortable space while they explore and experience their new environment. It will take them awhile to learn where they can go, what there okay to play with and what behaviors are acceptable.

To puppy proof your home it will take a bit of time and some work, but is well worth it. We all want to keep our puppies out of potentially hazardous or dangerous situations. So, let's go and get started!

Here's a checklist for you to puppy proof your home.

· Children's Toys - Children's toys can be extremely dangerous. They can become a choking hazard for puppies or an impaction of the intestines which ultimately could end up landing you driving to the emergency vet. Areas such as children's rooms or playrooms should be off limits to puppies. Only when someone who can supervise the puppy is physically present in that room.

· Bathrooms - This room in the house comes with its own unique risks and hazards. The toilet is the first obvious. We recommend keeping the toilet lid closed at all times. First, there are all sorts of yucky things (potentially very toxic or unhealthy or worse yet, a hazard), that end up in the toilet and maybe not be flushed. Puppies aren't picky and will drink or dig out of the toilet whatever seems fun. And let's also be frank here...does anyone really want puppy kisses from say, a lab puppy that has just lapped up water out of the toilet bowl? And of course, whether the lid is open or closed we suggest getting rid of using any of those automatic toilet cleaners. You know the ones that dispense (a few with that awesome blue color), every time the toilet is flushed! I once knew a lab puppy that would drink out of the toilet and drool all the way from the source to your lap. Talk about a wet mess. UGH!!!! Then we have all the vessels that can store water: the bathtub, the sink and the toilet with open lids can all be a drowning hazard. Then there are the bathroom trashcans. Think of everyday trash that goes into these receptacles. Items such as sanitary supplies, razors and bulky items such as diapers are extremely important to discard to the outdoor trashcan. Remember puppies are very inquisitive, love stuff that smells and are easily tempted to pull stuff out to chew on.

· Electrical Cords - Electrical cords can be a BIG hazard for puppies. Puppies will go out exploring and can find an electrical cord(s) and think it looks like a fun chew toy. A puppy chewing on any kind of electrical cord can cause an electrical shock, serious burns or even death. Make sure all cords are unplugged, tied up, removed or in a cord concealer strip for safety. These concealers can come in hard plastic, rubber backed rugs, or varies moldings just to name a few. You can find many options at the local hardware store. Another option is to move pieces of furniture to block and hide the cords. Also, remember to keep hanging cords like curling irons, clothes irons and other household appliances away. Just because it is unplugged doesn't mean it can't be pulled down and cause a burn. A friend of mine had a client that her golden retriever puppy and goldendoodle puppy manage to pull down a hot, unplugged clothes iron by tugging on the cord. Fortunately, the puppies weren't hurt, but it was a wakeup call on how quick things happen.

· Shoes and Clothing - Shoes and clothing laying around the house is always a huge temptation for puppies. For whatever reason, labrador puppies seem to be a huge culprit in destruction of these items. Favorites seem to involve anything with a strong scent on it like shoes, bras, underwear and socks. We had a lab years ago, no matter what he would steal socks. He would even knock over the hamper to get a sock or two. Finally, we decided to take one of the smelly socks and tie it in a knot. We worked and trained our guy that he could have the sock with the knot. Eventually we could throw the sock with the knot in with other socks. He would 100% of the time retrieve his designated sock with the knot and leave the other ones alone. We have used that method ever since. Utilization of places and bins to put dirty laundry in each bedroom or bathroom usually helps. I's a good idea to keep clothes and shoes stored safely in drawers, cabinets or other bins.

Colorado breeders of golden retriever puppies, lab puppies, goldendoodle puppies, bichon puppies, goldador puppies, cavalier puppies and cavachon puppies.

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